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Friday, 19 October 2012

The New Lesson is There

You can't say I don't run things pretty close. I said this week and have just about made it. The third lesson id on metal and soluble stitch. I really enjoyed making this.

Let me know how you get on.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Next Lesson

Sorry about the delay with lesson three. I have lots of excuses to offer - I went on holiday unexpectedly and then, when I'd finally cleared the decks we had a kitchen flood - took ages to sort out the paperwork. Then I started work on Lynda Monk's new book.........

Back on track now and aiming for next week for the lesson. It's quite a stitchy one, as promised and combines water soluble film with metal (or metal look-alikes). You will need:

Fine metal shim (suitable for stitching) OR shiny, metallic toffee papers, OR water soluble paper and metallic paints/waxes.
Craft Vilene or felt as a backing.
Romeo or similar weight dissolveable film.
Machine embroidery threads.

i think you will enjoy it - hope so.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Second Lesson

I am back from my hols and raring to go. I'll be posting some pics from the holiday sketch book on my personal blog http://www.magstitch.blogspot.com/ later on today.

Meanwhile you will find the pdf file that goes with these movies at http://www.d4daisy.com/ - look for the online classes button and click through to Dissolvable Delights.

Here are two videos that show a mixed media technique for embossing powder and dissolvable paper. They are not professional quality but give a good idea of the technique. I am working on a 'proper' video with Michael Wicks that we hope to have ready for the September lesson.

Part 1

Here is Part 2

Don't forget to download the Pdf from the d4daisy site. If you are new to d4daisy books you will find that many of our books come with free online classes. Go to www.d4daisy.com to find out more.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

But Not That Soon

I have decided that it's better to put the next two lessons up when I am home from my hols so look out for them around the 31st July.

More fun if I am around to answer any questions. I shall be (hopefully) full of beans after the trip.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Coming Soon

Keep an eye on the d4daisy site (http://www.d4daisy.com/). The next lesson will be up there next week.

Meanwhile here is an inspiring rust pic thanks to Jane Wild who is just back from Florence.

For my next Worksho on the Web article (in September) I am making some big metal flowers for my garden as all my real ones are turning to slimy mush in the rain.

I hope to add a little synthetic rust and then see what the elements bring.

hope to put a video up to go with the next lessons, so watch this space.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Great Work from Su

Su Harris  http://su-livingontheedge.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/holey-cuff.html?m=0 made this great cuff from the book. Really lovely and looks good on the wrist, too, as you can see from the photo.

Do go to Su's blog and the stages involved.

Anyone else out there making stuff from the book? I am working on the next lesson for July - there is a chance that it might be a video.

Monday, 11 June 2012

New Cuff

I am celebrating the fact that I can stitch again by making a new cuff, using the method in the book that made this one, right. It's very comfy to wear and always gets comments along the 'how did you make that' lines.

My summer wardrobe has lots of lime green and blue so the new one will use those colours. Last years gear but this weather does not make one inclined to buy anything other than new wooly jumpers!

I gathered together a collection of materials including two machine stitched motifs that I had worked in narrow satin stitch on water soluble film.

Also some gimp in a lovely blue/green colour, some black beads and various silks. there is a pipe-cleaner in there as well.

In this pic you can see that everything is placed on film and the motifs are being overstitched with the gimp - which is couched over the top.

I am tempted to bring in a bit of floating stitching - we will see. 

I hope to show the finished piece soon, depending on how much hand stitching I can do in one go.

This UK weather is just right for sitting by the fire and stitching. Let's just forget that it is supposed to be summer!

Keep n touch.

Monday, 4 June 2012


Floating struck me as a good title for this blog, given that the Thames pageant was so exciting. Plus the fact that all those folk watching it along the banks were almost floating themselves.

I am doing an article for Stitch magazine about amulet purses. I though I would work up the metal purse technique but show them how to use small auto stitches, or little free machined motifs, to 'float' over the metal. I find this a good way of decorating metal shim with stitch as many people are hesitant about using their machine with metal. I find that it is fine as long as a good firm backing is used. This stops the thread from  breaking and also prevents any tiny fragments falling into the machine.

Floating is also great for making patterns or motifs show over the top of a fabric they would usually sink into. Good on felt or on silk carrier rods, as shown in the book.

Today I plan to tidy my workroom as there is another piece I want to show you but it is lost in the havoc.

I have been to Auckland, Glenys. Lovely place

Friday, 1 June 2012

Great Pics from Jean

Good to have some pics so soon. Here is what Jean Singleton says about these two great images.

Here are a couple of photos  of samples. One shows WS paper on some aluminium mesh and a couple of squished up WS and paper towel mixture pieces coloured with various paints. The other photo is a piece I did a while ago using tissue on aluminium foil, painted and some rusting powder applied and then scrunched up.

Send pics to maggie@d4daisy.com if you'd like them on the blog.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Good to hear from you all

So glad you are all here and you have found the blog. Thaks for all the comments. Glenys - where are you? Just shout if you need help with the mixed media stuff.

Robin - I'm sure the knee will go well. I am glad I had my hand done, although the recovery process is long. make sure you do the physio excercises. Just off to physio myself and really hoping that she lets me drive again.
I agree that it is hard to work indoors in this weather. If i get the go ahead to stitch today Ishall take some hand stitching outside.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Welcome to the Free Classes Blog

Hello folks, I'm sure you've all found the free classes on the d4daisy web site. If not, click the pic above or go to www.d4daisy.com.

I'm planning to use this blog as a 'chat' device - just leave comments in the usual way. I'll try to be really good about labelling everything so you can see the contents of the chat.

If you want to show work that you've done from the classes send me some pics (no huge files please) and I will post them. Send pics to me at maggie@d4daisy.com

You'll see that there are two classes available now - I did this because the book contains both stitch and mixed media. Hopefully the first two classes will cover this wide range and extend both with a bit of sketch book stuff, as you can see, above.

Leave a comment to say 'Hi'.