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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Good to hear from you all

So glad you are all here and you have found the blog. Thaks for all the comments. Glenys - where are you? Just shout if you need help with the mixed media stuff.

Robin - I'm sure the knee will go well. I am glad I had my hand done, although the recovery process is long. make sure you do the physio excercises. Just off to physio myself and really hoping that she lets me drive again.
I agree that it is hard to work indoors in this weather. If i get the go ahead to stitch today Ishall take some hand stitching outside.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Welcome to the Free Classes Blog

Hello folks, I'm sure you've all found the free classes on the d4daisy web site. If not, click the pic above or go to www.d4daisy.com.

I'm planning to use this blog as a 'chat' device - just leave comments in the usual way. I'll try to be really good about labelling everything so you can see the contents of the chat.

If you want to show work that you've done from the classes send me some pics (no huge files please) and I will post them. Send pics to me at maggie@d4daisy.com

You'll see that there are two classes available now - I did this because the book contains both stitch and mixed media. Hopefully the first two classes will cover this wide range and extend both with a bit of sketch book stuff, as you can see, above.

Leave a comment to say 'Hi'.