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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Second Lesson

I am back from my hols and raring to go. I'll be posting some pics from the holiday sketch book on my personal blog http://www.magstitch.blogspot.com/ later on today.

Meanwhile you will find the pdf file that goes with these movies at http://www.d4daisy.com/ - look for the online classes button and click through to Dissolvable Delights.

Here are two videos that show a mixed media technique for embossing powder and dissolvable paper. They are not professional quality but give a good idea of the technique. I am working on a 'proper' video with Michael Wicks that we hope to have ready for the September lesson.

Part 1

Here is Part 2

Don't forget to download the Pdf from the d4daisy site. If you are new to d4daisy books you will find that many of our books come with free online classes. Go to www.d4daisy.com to find out more.


  1. Hi Maggie
    Pdf for second lesson not arrived.

  2. Hi Gilby - how do you mean 'not arrived' It's up on the site and I know folk have been downloading. Email me on maggie@d4daisy.com and we'll sort it out.

  3. I do like the videos with the free lessons.